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Mobile ice rinks

Mobile ice rinks - modern and flexible construction systems

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Optimal sports facility for year-long utilization - ice skating on classical ice during winter months, in summer time in-line skating, skate park, and possibility of combining with an artificial lawn or other surfaces
  • Lower capital costs in comparison with classically built ice-stadiums
  • Higher operating time in comparison with classically built ice-stadiums
  • Possibility of utilization as solar heating for swimming pools in summer months

Utilization possibilities

  • Solution for public ice rinks deficiency
  • Optimal form of sports utilization for wide public during winter 
  • Marketing instrument, company or trademark advertising

Location on any hard surface

  • In the city centre or residential area
  • Outside or inside the building, under marquee
  • Return to the original utilization of the surface when the winter season is over

Arbitrary shape or size of the ice rinks

  • Modifications according to the client´s needs and location facilities

High-quality ice up to the temperature of +15 °C

  • Ice rink area is made of white EPDM. Its high reflection factor and low absorption factor of direct solar radiation reduces the energy intensity and prolongs the skating period

Subjects interested in construction of mobile ice rinks are above all from the following fields:

  • Municipal sphere - it provides the citizens with an atractive way of spending their leisure time during winter 
  • Spa resorts, hotels - makes the stay more attractive, gives the possibility of healthy exercise within the course of medical therapy
  • Ski resorts - ice skating is an excellent supplementary kind of sport that makes the whole resort more attractive
  • Ice-hockey clubs - great solution for training areas
  • Commercial use - in the shopping centres as diversification of shopping, in terms of marketing -  enlargement of the existing clientele, the possibility of discotheques organization
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