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Engineering solutions

Mobile ice rinks consist of the following components:

Mobile cooling unit

has a container design for the purpose of an easy operation.

The cooling unit is placed on a steel zinc galvanized frame. The cooling unit body is made from zinc coated metal plates. Body sandwiches are filled with soundproof insulation material. Its size depends on the cooling output; units are allways tailor-made for the particular ice rink.

The cooling unit consists of compressors that allow for continuous regulation of unit output, exchanger, switchboard, ventilators...

The unit is equipped with an automatic operation and it has to be connected to a power supply   and collecting and distributing mains.

Mobile ice area

consists of special rubber bands from EPDM material, into which pipes for heat transfer media distribution are sealed on the ice area.

Originally, the EPDM material was made in black colour; the mobile ice rinks of the 2nd generation is using white EPDM.

Advantages of the 2nd generation EPDM are following:

  • aesthetic
  • operational

The capital costs are slightly higher, but thanks to the operational and assembly savings the investment will return quickly.

 The comparison of  black and white EPDM:

direct solar radiation reflection factor4,81 %60,09 %
direct solar radiation absorption factor95,19 %39,91 %

ICEBOX containers

are special transportation containers for the transport itself and the equipment storage after the end of season. They can be closed or open.  

Collecting and distributing mains

serve as a connection between the cooling unit and the ice area itself. They are supplied in two-metre segments with flanged joints for easy assembly and dissasembly.

Heat transfer media reservoirs

are plastic tanks for heat transfer media storage. We can supply reservoirs of various sizes according to the client´s needs, total volume of the heat transfer media or size of the ice area.

Operation media  

can be glycol-based or ecologically friendly - glycol free.


are made from white HD PE 10 mm, the material is fully engrained. Boards with covering are compact and interchangeable.

The boards for recreational ice-skating are usually 1 m high; according to client´s needs other heights can be supplied. They are equipped with anti-kick ledges, handrails, entry door and  gate for the ice maintaining machine.

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